That was, honestly, the best overnight so far with both boys and girls being sensible and getting to sleep within 20 minutes of lights out šŸ™‚ And the morning was just as good with no (too) early starts. In fact, Mia and Amie report that girls’ beds are made, the room’s tidy and today’s things are packed, and it’s 730am!
Realised that photos aren’t coming through (apart from taking ages) on the blog. Select few on Twitter and Facebook – links on the website.
Everything was on offer for breakfast and James had everything. Picking up packed lunches the group walked across to HYMB for their exciting morning. Molly however has developed a temperature and a rattly chest so a taxi to see the GP at Chase Farm Hospital was needed. Several hours, nebuliser, antibiotics and a Mc Donald’s drive through later we arrived back to see William capsize the 4th time!
Amie said that the caving was the best, so did Sarah, ‘I think it’ll be the London Eye,’ said Lottie, ‘but climbing,’ and collectively the group playing football outside said everything was great. Charlie said he used to be scared of heights but he got to the top of both climbs. Tallis liked it that nearly everyone fell in when kayaking- said with an evil smile too.
Down time at the moment, showering, hanging things to dry and playing outside. Soon we’ll be in for dinner and getting ready for a night in London…
Some wicked thunder storms overhead and wet grass…
Wow time flies. Currently cowering from rain under admiralty arch! Amazing views of London from the Eye… just amazing and the children were in awe šŸ˜€
Asked questions to the police man outside Downing Street, "What’s the cat’s name?" Etc.
Yes, quick SEND before we go underground on our way back to the hostel. The children just love it here… London at night.