Is a fish a pescatarian?

Liza owns a shark (I know!) but do fish choose not to eat meat and only allow fish for lunch?!
kingyo - peixe japonêsCreative Commons License Photo Credit: erika k via Compfight

Is there a bird that lives in the same nest as another bird?

Noah knows this one… “So, um, (hahahahahaha) so we have a tree near our friend’s house and all of the birds have their own nests.”
[So they live in the same tree but in their own, individual nests?]
” Yes.”
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Do foxes live alone, or are there other fox families down in their den?

“I’ve remembered, and they live alone only with their family.”
Red Fox
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Where do animals hibernate?  Do you see them doing it?

“You can see them if you camouflage the home and when we made this house and…. Alice knew… we worked out… animals … North side… only get in… blocked up so predators can’t… ”  (Yes, she was that quick!)
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[Yes, snails hibernate!]

How do you keep safe from predators when you’re hibernating?

(Homework for Alice, Millie, Mum or Dad… or better, a dinnertime conversation? Thanks Polly!)
Novice Flyer
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Where do dead ducks and fish go?  (I never see them!)

Usually get washed up and they get picked up by other animals.
Shark’s belly.
They sink?
Rubber Duck Project - HK Tour
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