Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well – here’s a few ideas for fun home activities this week.

1. For the crafty ones: egg box animals, milk carton Elmer elephant and loo roll tubes flowers and unicorns! There are hundreds of lovely little creations you can make using these materials. (Tip: if you’re out of coloured paper, paint plain/newspaper and use that).

2. For the ones that love computer programmes: learn to code! This has already appeared on the KS2 weekly learning sheet, but there are coding games for children of all ages on this website https://code.org/learn – it really is a brilliant resource and the children LOVE it! Minecraft is particularly good.

3. For the musicians among us: make a rain stick!

4. For our future designers: create a town in a box!

5. For the movie fans: create a home cinema! Curtains drawn, lights out, snacks and the volume turned up. Maybe you could even make the tickets and have a sales desk!