Thank you and a huge well done to ‘FROGS’ Ted & ‘Governor’ David for their time today. Our open library space is now looking very plush and we’ve some lovely looking cubby holes to put our children’s art work in to, as well as our books and some frustrated heads too.

Our slow & steady improvement schedule has focused on the corridor in to school recently. New paint work, new carpet, new chairs and now, new units.

Surprisingly, no mistakes were made with the understandably complex flat-pack hell that awaited us this morning. A rubber mallet, some patience and lots of questions and offers of help from intrigued children were all we needed – it turned out brilliantly. Honest, no errors; simple as anything it was. (Just don’t ask Ted or David.)

If you’re feeling slightly at odds that you could’ve helped, well we have a Nature Area clearing party on Saturday morning if you’d like to help? Spades & loppers for digging, clearing and removing weeds and brambles will be needed, as well as energy, enthusiasm and a thirst for tea. Biscuits and cake may also make an appearance this time (hear that Ted?) …10am, possibly only a couple of hours tops!

We are Kind.

We are a Community.