Class 2 had a fabulous day out at Dunster Castle, thanks to the wonderful setting and some brilliant workshops laid on by the National Trust. We had the Great Hall all to ourselves and practised our Knightly skills, including jousting and sword fighting. We learnt that a knight would start his apprenticeship at 7 years old! We saw all the features of a castle in real life that we had been learning about and the National Trust were so impressed with the children’s knowledge (they were listening after all!) We did learn new facts, like the shape of an arrow slit is in a cross because it needs to fit a crossbow through. We used a battering ram as part of an attempt to storm the castle. You will be glad to hear that all the children passed their apprenticeship and were duly knighted in a ceremony, down on one knee with a sword upon their shoulders. I think they are quite worn out by their day so hopefully your new Lady or Sir will sleep well tonight!