It was worth waiting for our lovely sunny day we picked for our farm visit. We had such a lovely morning at this amazing dairy farm. The cows are milked by a robot and computer with no adults anywhere near. We learnt that the cows come down whenever they want and queue up on their own to be milked. The robot uses lasers to map each cows teats and a computer works out how much each cow produces. This can be 30 litres a day for most of the cows! (That’s a lot of milk.) We also saw the calves and got to watch them being milk fed. One extraordinary calf was born pure white and farmers Simon and Linda asked the children to come up with a name as they are going to keep it as a pet. We were also introduced to the sheepdogs Bob and Rosie. Rosie is great fun as she loves to round up the llamas, which made us all laugh. What a great day and a big thank you to Simon and Linda.