​​​​After noticing quite a lot of role playing amongst the children over the last couple of weeks involving conversations about pets we decided to turn the home corner into a veterinary surgery this week. This has been extremely popular! We have had a reception area, a waiting room and a vets surgery. We have absolutely loved getting down on the floor joining in and listening to all of the amazing conversations that have been taking place. A frog, an otter and Mr Foxy Bingo have been particularly popular at the surgery. We are very pleased to inform you that despite the continuous tummy bugs, broken bones, unclipped nails and headaches, they are are recovering remarkably well and hoping to return to their homes this evening! 🙂

Playing vets has certainly been the core focus in the room this week but we have managed to get some messy play in, of course. We have had the mud tray outside as well as the water tray. We had a lovely activity in which we filled lots of containers up with different coloured water and let the children do lots of mixing. The children absolutely love mixing and pouring. Any equipment to support this is always welcome. Old jugs, measuring containers, mixing spoons etc etc.

It was also nice to see the children getting their hands a bit mucky in the gloop this week. We encouraged the children to mix corn flour and water into two large trays and then added food colouring to make pretty patterns. It was nice to see the children mark making and pushing the trucks through the gloop to make tracks.

We have seen our first batch of sunflower seeds start to sprout and have planted some more. Very exciting! We hope to get them in the ground and have a race soon.

This week we have been talking about the letter ‘P’ and the number 4! As you can imagine, we have had a lot of giggles listening to the kids coming up with words beginning with ‘P’, especially the lads…say no more!

The children have been showing an interest in bugs this week so we will continue to explore this next week, particularly during Forest School on Wednesday.

On Wednesday 23rd May Stepping Stones will be having a cake sale at 3.15pm in the playground at the front of the school to raise funds for new craft resources. The children have been working hard at making a nice sign to decorate the table. If you would like to donate any cakes for us to sell, or would just like to come along and buy a sweet treat or two, it would be very much appreciated and lovely to see you. Thank you very much in advance and have a lovely weekend.