Over the last two weeks we’ve been looking at measurement. Last week we were looking at the difference between height and length. We created a class height chart and compared each others height!
We also used cubes to measure length and year 1s were using rulers to compare the length and width of different objects! Eli and Gil decided to see how many cubes long the metre stick was! It took a lot of one to one counting, but they found out it was 47 cubes long!

This week we started looking at weight. We’ve been exploring objects that are heavier and lighter and how some objects are bigger than others but can still weigh less! We used balance scales to help us and we loved comparing how heavy Sammy the Space Monkey was compared to other things!

Today, we used cubes to find the weight of different objects from a pencil to our shoe! We started predicting how many cubes it might weigh and compared our findings!