​Mrs Holbourn asked Class 2 to bring in any gifts they were lucky to receive when they were born to compare against the ones the Wise Men brought to Jesus.

We were shown some beautiful gifts and even though we thought they would be completely different to those the Wise Men brought, there were some similarities:

Edie: "Gold is sort of a ‘Kingish’ thing to give, but Harry was given a gold sovereign and Lilly-Mae a gold bangle"!
Zac: Toys, blankets and clothes aren’t smelly like the frankincense and myrrh, but they get smelly when you’ve used them for a long time"!
Evie: "They couldn’t give the same sort of stuff that we could now as there weren’t any shops, they gave the things they had there"! [categories Whole School, Class 2]

Such a lovely session sharing and discussing the gifts and the meanings/people behind them.