Today in class one we were very lucky to have Fabienne talk to us about her home country, Germany.We found Germany on the map and compared it to England, Fabienne showed us some of the German language – we counted from 1-20, the days of the week and the weather!
We looked at the German flag, and all the children had the chance to colour their own flag.

When Fabienne visited our class a few weeks ago, we couldn’t believe she had never heard of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk!’ So today she shared a traditional German story, ‘Town Musicians of Bremen’.

We also tried some German food! Some of us weren’t very fond of ‘Pumpernickel’ a type of bread…but we loved the pretzels and the apple cake! Whilst we ate, we listened to some traditional folk music!

We have had a great time learning all about Germany and comparing it to our traditions in England…thank you Fabienne!

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