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Today we started looking at materials. We investigated what materials would work best to build a house. The materials we used included; newspaper, cardboard, lego, straw, sticks, cotton wool, marshmallows, sugar cubes and bricks!

It was very exciting building with marshmallows and many of us thought this would be a great house. But, when we realised just how sticky it was, we decided it wouldn’t be a very nice place to live! We also thought sugar cubes would work well, but when Miss Smale poured water on the top we realised it wouldn’t last very long in the rain! ‘It is all starting to dissolve!’ – said Evie.

Gil thought it would be great to have a cardboard house, but again, realised it didn’t last very long when it got wet. So, we all came to the conclusion that bricks make the best material for a house. But, we did enjoy eating the marshmallows at the end!!

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