Our Governors held an open session one evening just before Easter to explain some of the recent changes to the Curriculum and School system, and how these could affect our school in the future. *We’re holding a repeat session* so that parents who couldn’t make it that evening have another opportunity to come and share their thoughts with myself and also some of the Governors attending. Apologies in advance for not putting on any cheese, crackers or wine (one of the downsides of not attending the evening session) but we will get some cookies in 🙂 Being that this session is at 9am, Wednesday morning (tomorrow as I’m writing this) we will have a box of toys and things that young children can play with. We appreciate that you’ll be concerned about youngters making noise, but don’t worry; this is a school and ours make the same amount of noise, just that they’ll be in classrooms being taught – come anyway! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning!