Dear Aunty Edwina,

I hate the hat you got me, it’s so babyish.
I absolutely adore my lovely new hat.

I made the dog chew it and even he spat it out.
I wear it everywhere.

Seriously who would wear that out,
It’s got pepper pig on it,
Only a 3 year old…*PS I’m 9!*

I love the colour lime green, it really suits me,
Who would wear a silly, ghastly colour like that,
With matching fluffy socks.* Do you KNOW ME?!*

Its very kind you really should not have spent your money on it
You really should not of, REALLY!

Mum says it looks magnificent on me
And now I’m growing up it looks especially nice on me.
When I first put it on I was definitely going to put it straight in the bin.
The fluffy bows are horrible Really put a finish to it.
I have never seen such pretty patterns.
Pretty awful patterns I hope I never see again.

Yesterday I went on a muddy walk and Accidently dropped it in a puddle,
I’m lying I dropped it on purpose,
Hopefully I can wash it out.

Lots of Love, Esther.