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Today the whole school came dressed in sporty gear to raise money for Sports Relief. We had footballers, climbers, rugby players, gymnasts and a skater (plus many more). In the afternoon we all went out on the school field to run a mile. Everyone did brilliantly! Class 4 spent a bit of time thinking about what they would like their pound to do to help people.

Liza: “I would like my pound to help build a hospital”

Noah: “It would be brilliant if my pound went towards taking homeless people off the streets and into somewhere they could call home”

Beau: “Maybe my pound could buy a toy for a child as toys are fun!”

Daisy: “I wish the money school raise could help children to be safe and never have to pick litter off dirty streets to raise money to eat”

Gracie: “My pound could give clean water and that can save lives”

Rory: “I wish my money could let a child go to school. If they learnt stuff they would have a better life”

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