Yes, a whole school bike ride.

Who on earth came up with that one?  (Blame Mrs Mortimer!)

However, isn’t it just one of the highlights of the school year now?

  • 2 x punctures, 4 chain re-settings, handle-bar tightening… one bike was completely overhauled and then replaced with Miss Hill’s Alfie’s bike!  Also Alfie’s helmet came in useful!
  • 1 x fly-over-the-handle-bars after allegedly hitting a member of the public.  Slightly stressed with the comments, “Oh, it’s only a head-on, just a bit of shock.” Ahh!  (All’s fine)
  • 2 x crashes into members of the public, again allegedly – no one told us until too late!
  • Couple of grazed knees.
  • 2 weeks of learning to ride a bike – Polly Leech then rode to Fremington! 🙂
  • 4 x deliveries of sandwiches thanks to Keri, Jo and Mrs Dando the deliverer! (and Keri)
  • 1 x complaint to Tesco (Head Office) about too many children on bikes in the car park – Ian the manager handled this perfectly, thank you.
  • 1 x crate and of spring water and 1 x box of bananas on our return courtesy of Tesco (Thanks Ian.)

Just amazing….Well done everyone!