Yet another ‘tunnel’ sorry, yes we need to walk up this road sorry, yes I know it’s a far way, yes the tube took us as close as we could, yes we’re doing the show tonight, no it’s not a movie it’s real people acting, I think it’s like the film yes but they may have changed it slightly, I’m sure they’d still have Charlie though, no we need to have food first, yes I’ve got the tickets, we’re on these two rows yes we’ll swap round one we’ve sat down, no don’t buy sweets here they’re really expensive (sh, I have some in my bag) wow it looks great doesn’t it?

Oh wow that was awesome, cor I can’t believe the stage did that, were they really two people or was it a costume, I loved it, Charlie was so good wasn’t he?
Right… Yes another tube, yes then the overground train from Liverpool Street, yes we can use the loo in McDonald’s again, yes it costs to spend a penny otherwise no it’s the quick train we’ll be back in no time, yes it’ll be bedtime straight away, no sorry we won’t be doing hot chocolate tonight…
[… Sorry need to catch a train… More later…]