"I’m so tired I’m probably going to fall asleep in the movie, " said one of them whilst walking through the very hot dinosaur exhibition. It is very hot, I can’t blame him!
Sam, James and then everyone pretended to be Hercules holding up the world but again they were pleasantly surprised by the escalator going through the centre of our planet up to the Earth Room.
Upstairs in the earthquake room the films and information about Tsunamis stopped the kids in their tracks. The room shook a little but the shop’s CCTV camera footage showed things being moved across the room! James was also moved – he’s sleeping over at the church on Friday but also wanted to raise money for tsunami victims. Quite sad footage.
The science museum next. I’m not sure if it’s the actual moon lander or a replica. Certainly the T-Rex that moved and growled earlier was just a model. Ah… It’s got Pinewood Studios written on it; apparently it was on the set of Moonraker!
Children getting tired now. They always lag at this point. Coming in to the Launchpad area of the Science museum though, they find some energy to run around. There must be about 50 different hands on activities and nicely, two large school groups have left us the place mostly to ourselves! So… Active children currently working as a very good team working turbines, pulleys, mills and shutes to get the corn back to the start… and round again. And again. Actually they haven’t come if that one for the past 20 minutes!
OK… Get them ready for another short ‘tunnel’ journey, dinner and the show, Charlie And the Chocolate Factory. 🙂