Class 4 have worked hard all week on their tests and we decided to have a party to celebrate all of the effort that everyone has put it.

The class brought in contributions of food to share with each other and it was lovely to hear children complimenting each other on their creations….it had a very ‘Great British Bake Off’ feel when I overheard recipes being exchanged! At the end of the afternoon each child took home a ‘party bag’ to share (or not) with family.

Everyone was keen to get involved…

Ms Dando doesn’t work in the afternoon so she wasn’t here for the party but she wanted to teach the children a game just before break that involved passing around an animal action and sound (the action and sound for a sloth was particularly entertaining) 🙂

Keri in the kitchen made some amazing cup cakes to have as a morning snack…parents…we do normally have fruit, I promise! 😉

The  ‘serious’ party business started part way through the afternoon. In addition to the food, there was a request for traditional party games “like we did when we were children” was the comment from one year 6 🙂 …so we played pass the parcel and other classic games.

It was a fantastic afternoon. Thanks again to everyone for being so generous and well done to the whole of class 4, you should be very proud of yourselves this week!

Year 6- have a great time in London…can’t wait to see the pictures and hear all the stories! 🙂