In class 3  all of our learning has been based around the theme of ‘PIRATES’ today. We have made pirate hats (which some children have managed to wear all day), written pirate limericks and created treasure maps to help us to learn about co-ordinates.

Here is a flavour of what we’ve been up to today…..


We had some great poems too….


There once was a pirate named Teddy,

Who was really never ready.

He had a pet rat,

That lived in a hat.

Strange old Pirate Teddy.

By Poppy


There once was a Pirate named James,

Who never won at games.

Because the shiny sun,

Had melted his gun.

He was always calling people names.

By Toby


There once was a Pirate called Bob,

Who didn’t like his job.

He built a shed,

Upon his head.

Strange old Pirate Bob.

By Molly


There once was a Pirate named Lola,

Who like the sound of Mongolia.

She ended up in Japan,

And found she was an awfully big fan,

Of cold and fizzy Coca-Cola.

By Daisy


Come back later to see some of our treasure maps. 🙂


Here they are 🙂