24th January

Duma is the next film to be shown at FILMCLUB.

It’s received 1139 votes on the FilmClub website and has been given a 5 star rating by the children who have seen it.
Even though it’s been given a FilmCLub rating of age:5+… it is actually a PG film. Please read the details and see if this film will be appropriate for your child.
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Xan, a young boy growing up on a farm in South Africa, has raised a cheetah called Duma since it was a cub. Now Xan is 12 – and because of a family tragedy, he cannot keep Duma. So he decides to return him to the wild himself, setting off alone to the Kalahari desert. Unsurprisingly, Xan soon gets into trouble – until he comes across Ripkuna, a man who appears to know all about the desert. But is he all that he seems? This exhilarating tale features some breathtaking adventure sequences, amazing scenery and thrilling wildlife footage.


Sometimes, Class 4 given the opportunity to login to the website and review the film during the following week.  However, children may even remember their login details for the FILMCLUB website (linked here) where they can post their review.

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