Spotlighted Site

How our Solar System was Born  is on the National Museum of Natural History’s site. The main homepage for space can be found here.


BBC Bitesize Stone Age Britain

Prehistoric section of BBC history site with great information on Stone Age man including video clips and pictures. Topics include How did Stone Age hunter gatherers live? What was Stone Age Britain like?

Kids Rule Prehistoric Britain
Super site from English Heritage where you meet a prehistoric man at Grime’s Graves. Watch an interview with the prehistoric man, learn about the flint mine as well as how early man mined bronze and tin. There is also the Prehistoric issue of the magazine you can read online.

DK find out about the Stone Age children’s site
Great site to start to find out about Early man. Links at the bottom of the page to the DK page on Bronze age and Iron age.

National Geographic Kids – Bronze Age wheel discovered!
Online section of the NG for Kids. This article is all about the discovery of the biggest ever bronze age wheel in Britain. Other relevant pages are ‘Find out about Skara Brae’ Britain’s biggest prehistoric settlement and ‘All about Stonehenge.’

Kids’ History site – prehistoric man
Website with information about the development of humans from prehistoric man to the beginnings of early settlements. Well set out and easy to follow information.

European Space Agency for Kids
Great site all about the Universe, planets, stars and space exploration as well as interesting information about astronauts and life in space. All very accessible.

National Geographic Kids – 10 facts about space
Interesting article from National Geographic Kids about space facts. Other relevant links are space junk all about strange things found in space, and  facts about the Mars rover.

NASA Kid’s club
An interesting site with a range of activities accessed through a ‘skill level’ so suitable for children of all ages. Includes some great photos of the Earth from space, though mainly on US places of interest.

Science Kids
Great site with really interesting links to videos, images, games and quizzes all about space.

The Dynamic Earth
Amazing site all about our Earth. It is quite American and more suitable for older children, but still full of fascinating information all about our planet and the Solar System.

BBC science bitesize
BBC KS2 science site about Earth and the planets as well as an interview with Tim Peaks. Lots of video clips and information.

BBC science – Space
Not specifically for children but this site has amazing pictures and a massive amount of information on space and our exploration of Mars.

Learn about Space
American site aimed at KS2 space lovers. It is linked to their online shop but the learn about space section has some good links and information on the solar system and key dates in space exploration….