We’ve been busy at school this week.

Mat Turner has almost finished building our new PE shed. It’s made bespoke, to fit the awkward space we have at the back of school and will be great to store equipment in an orderly way, and also now in a dry shed!

We’ve also had some extra work on our IT system, to ensure that everything is connected properly, backed-up and fully filtered. It’s surprising that this involved two engineers, for a whole day, and it still has some slight tweaks to complete.

Talking off backing up… 😷 … we’ve uncovered a hidden inspection chamber (which was once the outside toilet) making sure it’s clear so that the urinals and visitor toilet are now working! Phew!

And talking about clearing things… ♻️ … Stepping Stones’ shed has also been emptied with tonnes going to the recycling centre. Mat Turner is shelving in here so we can access everything easily! Next job is to put it all back in some sort of accessible order!

Rob Tucker had also been hugely supportive in taking away all our wooden rubbish – the sheds and old shelves – as well as a few of the broken benches on the field. Thanks Rob.

I can see teachers have been busy too with displays being changed, resources ordered and planning documents written and printed. Hopefully the sun comes back out and they can have a bit of a nice break this Easter – everyone’s been hard at work this last term!

Hopefully you’re all having a good & productive break too!