“Boosters this morning,” stated Mr Thomas, “is going to cover speech marks, otherwise known as inverted commas, and also percentages, decimals and fractions.”

“Ah great!” exclaimed the children.

🤣 Honest… they’re loving it. Working hard and finding it a good way to explore and be open about their learning, in a smaller group than usual.

Speech first: Our pretend speech bubbles 🗨️ were useful in showing how to convert in to speech marks.

  • Punctuation is IN the bubble.
  • New speaker (new bubble) new line.
  • Comma if you’ve not stopped.

We also covered decimals, fractions and percentages. And thanks to Fin, who kept shouting, “Out of a hundred!” we were able to convert between the types AND place them (almost fully correctly) on to the number line.

Yes, there are a couple incorrect here, and yes, 120% was placed on the floor, OFF the table, after a discussion.

It was a great morning!