This week has absolutely flown by…literally! We have been talking a lot about different modes of transport and travelling. We chose this topic based on an interest the children were showing in vehicles last week. Despite being mildly side-tracked due to getting a few things ready for Father’s Day (shhhhhhh!) we have had lots of fun and been on lots of adventures. On Tuesday we scouted our Bug Hotel for guests and checked them in on our log sheet. So far we have had Mr McFly and Mrs Spiderpants who brought her web to stay too. Unfortunately, Mr McFly’s little friend ceases to be as Mrs Spiderpants’ web has been particularly effective!

We got out on Wednesday for Forest School and had lots of fun making a giant birds nest! As you can see the children absolutely loved this and did a fantastic job. Alas, as we were just about finished we realised that building it on the school playing field might not have been 100% practical. However, the children did a superb job of dismantling the creation and building it all over again in the wooded area. An eggshellent eggfort all round! 🙂

Whilst pretending to be on a super fast magic train we managed to get as far as Scotland, Antarctica, Spain and Australia all in the space of 5 minutes. It would have been lovely to capture the children doing their penguin walks for you all to see, was very cute and amusing to watch.

We now have lots of spiders to hang from our giant webs and we shall be getting these up very soon. We’ve just been waiting for Mr McFly’s departure as we didnt want to rub salt in the wound but we think he shall be leaving over the weekend. So be sure to look out for them. As always, the children have really enjoyed playing with the water tray, we are always trying to think of new ways to make water play fun and innovative. We have ordered some exciting new equipment using the money we made from our cake sale last month, so we look forward to that arriving!

Having rice in one of our trays has also been very popular, it seems any activity in which the children are free to mix, pour, stir, etc always goes down well. So much so that we have started letting the children help to prepare snack and next week we shall attempt to make our very own smoothies to enjoy! We have also made a fresh batch of play doh with the tiddlers which they always love. They particularly enjoy seeing what interesting shade they can make it by mixing different food colours together.

If you have any glossy magazines/travel brochures, please send them in the direction of Stepping Stones. Whether that be by plane, train, car, foot, carrier pigeon, spaceship…you get the gist! 😉 Thank you!