Today we read the story ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ It says that we all have imaginary buckets that are filled with people’s kindness. Our buckets can be ‘dipped into’ when others don’t treat us with kindness and respect. We had a lovely discussion about how we can be ‘bucket fillers!’

Evie said that being nice to someone and ‘being patient’ can help fill their buckets up. Emmie said that if we hurt someone we would dip into their buckets. We all drew an idea of how we can be a bucket filler and how not to be a bucket dipper!

It was so lovely to hear the children talking about their buckets throughout the day. ‘Maya filled my bucket up when she helped me build a house!’ said Emmie. ‘Arwen filled up my bucket when she asked to play in the wendy house with me’ said Isla.

This story has helped us think about how we want to be treated and how we should be treating others! Class one are all bucket fillers! Perhaps if you notice them ‘filling buckets’ at home, you could share it with a WOW moment!

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