Quick question for you.

How many vertical lines on my shirt?

Martha said that to GUESS, you’d have no idea at all.  For instance (another question…)

How many spots are there on my blue shirt that’s hanging up in my wardrobe at home?

We had no idea and so we all guessed between 150 and 1,000,000.

We decided that an ESTIMATE is where we use a bit of information and roughly work it out from there.
(So you may have counted ten vertical lines on my arm, like the class did?)

And then to COUNT, you actually have to count one by one.  With the objects on the table we piled them up in groups of 10 and counted ’10, 20, 30 and the few left over ones’ for example.

…For my shirt, that was more difficult, but Elsie counted 92 and Kitty counted 97.

We wonder how many you estimated?