We've had a couple of very carefully worded and impartial conversations about what the EU is and what the Referendum is about.
With the school's diary being as it was, we decided to hold the voting today – lining up in the hall after some last minute politicians told us what to do, we crossed in the right box (2 x 'defaced' slips with crosses AND ticks) and placed them through the slot.
Class 3 undid the padlock after transferring them securely back to Mrs R's room and we counted. Another team re-counted (good show; some silly mistakes) and I prepared the swingometer.

The Results…
Remain with 58… 69%
Leave with 24… 29%

…. And even though I'd broken it down as best as I can for 6 to 11 year olds to understand, it's still not clear in my own head.  But I used that to explain the moment where you just cross one, walking away hoping you did right…! also defacing the card to show you voted but didn't want to choose (silly idea, no?)

I personally liked giving 5 self-addressed envelopes to the children known to be away for their postal vote – only 3 registered and came back in time 🙁

Great day… wonder what Thursday will bring us? Ooh yeah, that's Friday's assembly sorted.