I mentioned something in school recently, Mike may have mentioned something in Church too, but I do know that Daisy Upward came up with the idea of sleeping in the church and raising money after seeing the news about the earthquakes in Nepal. We all had a great and exciting time building our dens and nests with ridged roofs, cardboard doorways and even Himalayan rocks surrounding our tents and after a pleasant evening we settled down to sleep.
We’ve all heard about the tragic situation out there but aid is slowly starting to get through. The villages in the mountains and the families and Sherpa people living there must be finding it extremely hard as landslides have removed access and made it difficult to get things there. With the weather starting to change soon and monsoons on thier way, things are going to get really hard for this region.
I told the 20 strong group of children about my travels in Nepal years ago and the fantastic folk in Kathmandu and the villagers on the way to Everest that I met. We burnt Tibetan incense (it really did fill the place with THE smell of Nepal) and we also made our very own Prayer Flags.
We prayed that the people of Nepal would get aid soon.The last three photos on the gallery is of my friend Gary with a temple that has since collapsed in Kathmandu (notice the prayer flags), Namche Bazaar on the way to Everest which has been wrecked from the earthquake and also of Narayan’s house. He sleeps under the dining table whilst tourists have his bunk beds… not too disimilar to our beds in the church last night!
With more than a dozen families all managing donations of approximately £50, we should easily have raised above £600. Hopefully reading this blog will help you think about donating to DEC directly or by dropping sponsorship in at the school office or church.
Well done Daisy, and thank you Mike, Irene and Matt and Lorraine Upward for helping it run so smoothly. Well done also to those who slept over… apart from the one who snored, you know who you are.