The competition is hotting up!

Only 7 schools have entered and it’s us and another small(er) school that are competing for 1st and 2nd place.

It’s all calculated on pupil numbers so although you may think we’ve got it in the bag with over 1000 likes, the small school of 50 children is over 12x their number and therefore a ‘whole school and a half’ beyond us – that’s about 150 likes.

We did over 200 likes within just an hour on Sunday night… so it’s certainly do-able!

The strategy?  Just to spread the news!
Sharing is great but it’s generic and people click past it.
Tagging is better as it’s a specific plea to your friend.
To tag: just type a friend’s name and it’ll highlight and link to them.

Please, like our photo here
(or copy and paste that bit above.)

We only have a week for voting with a closing date of midnight on Friday the 27th!

Things I love:
The community spirit that this competition has highlighted to us all.
That All Saints in Sussex is lovely (they’re liking this photo late Friday night.)
That Molly got a tweet from Mark Lynas, the climate scientist who wrote the book ‘Six Degrees’ which her piece is inspired by.
Friday night’s glass of red wine – celebratory or commiseratory!