What a lovely morning at the school.

Education Sunday is quite a historic event in the Church calendar going back over a hundred years where the local church would celebrate and prayer for our schools.

Today we actually had the service at school and the congregation squeezed into our hall.

We heard some lovely stories about Fred’s room, walking in the snow, Class 2’s roof blowing off in the bog storm, dancing round the May Pole, swimming in the pool and getting messy on sports day in the field of cow pats.

We started with a great video that was made over 4 years ago entitled, “What’s good about our school?” where we heard the children telling us about the ‘great teachers, the field, maths,’ (yes, they said maths) and also that, ‘Mr T gives us sweets!’ They were a great bunch back then and loved making that video!

We also sang some of the songs we do at school presently, some of Mike’s favourites (also remembered and liked by tough hooligans from Luton) and also some of the favourites remembered from the past, “Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning…”

We’ve recently reviewed and adopted our school values that the National Society promoted on their website. We’ve prioritised six of these as being really important for the school and a recent blog shows the video that class 3 did of how they see these values in real life in the school.
There were prayers of thanks, prayers for the children, staff and families, prayers from the congregation strung up at the front of the hall and prayers for the future of the school. I’m looking forward to reading some of these to the children in the week!

I stood up towards the end and talked about what’s happened during my time at the school and the pressures that the school faces currently and in the near future. However, children 150 years ago may have sat still with arms folded perfectly, but they’re not much different right now – little adults who are amazingly mature around the school – and it’s lovely to be part of their lives, teaching them 🙂