In class 4 we have been thinking lots about Children in Need today. We thought about what Children in Need actually is and we came up with these thoughts:

James: It is a great charity and we get dressed up in spots or fancy dress to help children who don’t have stuff like we do.

Beau: Our money will help people who are living on the streets and their need is greater than ours.

We also thought about how it makes us feel to give money to other people:

Mia: Children in need makes me  think about how lucky we are to have what we do and it makes me feel good to know we are helping.

Charlie: I like giving money and it makes me want to watch BBC tonight to see where our money goes.

Isobel: I feel pleased to help be helping children all over the country.

We wrote a poem about Pudsey Bear who is the mascot for Children in Need and shared it in assembly.

P is for…poor children need our help.

U is for….united together to raise money for others.

D is for dressing up in spots to support a fantastic charity.

S is for sad and lonely children? We want to help!

E is for everyone at Georgeham involved today.

Y is for you can make a difference!

In maths we have been looking at 3d shapes and we checked our understanding by making Pudsey Superheroes. They looked great 🙂

Although they were all fantastic, we voted as a class to decide which models we thought were the best!