Classes 1 & 2 had a great start back at school after the half-term, we spent the morning in Braunton. After meeting at the Police Station and trying out various Police attire, handcuffs and batons (under close supervision of course), we then had a turn at sitting in a Police van inside the ‘cage’! SAM_4932

We were on the trail of Georgeham’s Log Book which was over 100 years old and had ‘mysteriously’ become lost. Malc’ in the Police Station told us it hadn’t been handed in there so one of the children suggested we visit the Library. After a lovely story time there, they also said they hadn’t seen our Log Book.


We then decided that we needed a bit of a break from all the detective work so we visited Squires for a drink of orange juice and some raisins. We all paid 75p each for our drink and checked that our Log Book hadn’t been handed in there.


It hadn’t so off to the next place …..

We made our way to the Hospice Charity Shop as a last hope that somewhere amongst all its treasures, our Log Book was hiding. After a good hunt around the shop, it was found. Everyone was really happy that our trip to Braunton retrieved Georgeham’s long, lost treasure. It only cost Mrs Mortimer 50p to buy it back, bargain!!! A fantastic morning, finished off with a ‘private bus, just for us’ was had by all.


Thank you to all the mums who came along with us and to the children for being exceptionally well behaved; many people in Braunton commented on how great you all were.

Mrs Holbourn did find a book in the Library especially for Mr Thomas, who maybe, it seems, is a secret Author??