It seems like everyone in Class 2 had lots of fun in the half-term. Most people went somewhere or did something really exciting. These range from: Crealy Adventure Park for Toby’s 7th birthday (we all just sang to him); London, Portsmouth, Wales, Bath, the beach, the Milky Way, Bristol, Lynton, Cornwall, bowling, Peppa Pig World, Plymouth, watching the Nutcracker Ballet, swimming, Lewes and Mrs Holbourn went all the way up to Manchester and Liverpool to see her friends and watch a very funny comedian’s show, she said she had a great time and also managed to fit in a bit of shopping!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Other exciting things that happened are:- Miss Jessica was a ‘beautiful bridesmaid’, she wore a white dress and had orange and white flowers, she said she was very good and had a brilliant time but had to stop the other little bridesmaids running around the church, oh dear and well done Jess’!

Polly said, something happened which wasn’t very funny for her mum and dad but it was for her, “my mum’s car BLEW UP!”

We hope everyone reading our Blog had a lovely break now it’s back to school and starting to get ready for Christmas!