Spotlighted Site

The National Archives WW2 site gives a detailed audio narration of the war illustrated on the animated map (select Western Europe) You can  choose an investigation with top secret video and documents to study  – a fantastic site most parents will enjoy too!



BBC Children’s History
BBC history for children site gives lots of information on all aspects of WWII. A great site, easy to navigate.

Channel 4 learning
Channel 4’s learning zone site for children with information about children in WWII as well as activities for home, quizzes, worksheets and an image bank.

Birmingham Museum WWII site
Excellent site from theBirmingham Museum with a fun evidence machine – Spot WW2 items and drop them into the funnel to find out what they can tell you about WW2

Scotland during WW2Really great site from BBC Scotland were you become an enemy spy and find out about life in Scotland during WW2.

Woodlands Junior Site
Written specifically to support school projects this is a great site with lots of information all in easy to navigate sections.

The Home Front
This is a great site from the National Archives with information on the Blitz, women at war, daily life etc.

National Archives WW2
An amazing site with a detailed narration of the war, illustrated on an animated map, as well as investigations where children look at video and document sources to answer questions. It is aimed at KS3 but would help all children to understand the ‘timeline’ of the war.

Wartime Posters
Link to Snaith Primary School site where you can look at different WW2 posters and have a go at designing your own.

War Witness
A good site aimed at KS2 – 4 with film, photo and audio evidence about rationing, air raids etc…

WW2 Film Clips
A great collection of film clips and properganda films from WW2 from the National Archives including spies, evacuation, homelife and heroes etc. Very interesting to get a feel for the period and see films such as ‘dig for victory’ which match the more familiar posters.

Evacuee’s Stories
Read several personal accounts about what evacuation was like from people who were evacuated. This Timewitness site was set up to record the real experiences of people who lived through the war. Most of the accounts are suitable for use in the classroom but material needs reading by an adult first.

Evacuee Game
Game from the Tyne & Wear Museum where you have to think what you would pack if you were being evacuated, and learn alot about what it was like.