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Elsie’s Poem…

We received a lovely letter today from Young Writers UK, informing us that we've got an entry being put in to their Rhymecraft book coming out in February entitled, 'Future Poets.' It's lovely to hear [...]

Christmas craft cards…

How cute...? (Well done Miss Hill - lovely idea!)

Our Nativity…

The 14th chocolate eaten from the advent calendar and the 14th Jesse Tree card (about King Hessekiah, 592 BC) pegged on to the tree, but fast-forward to the final few days - Mary and Joseph [...]

School, Christmas lunch…🎅

Just when you look back at your photos and realise you didn't take one of your own Christmas Dinner plate. Not something I normally do, but my goodness I should have today - it was [...]

Santa’s 🎅 delivery…!

Father Christmas has arrived!

It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas 🎅🏻🎄

On Friday Class 2 made Christmas wreaths with the National Trust. Thank you to Rob, Josh and Chris for coming in to school to work with us. 😀

Class 3 has Bugs!

Sunday's Scuttle Bug is a piece of art - whether it scuttles down the hall well is something yet to be tested!

Stepping Stones Nativity

Today we have had our very own Mary and Joseph in Stepping Stones (along with many others!) The children have really enjoyed getting into character using the masks and dressing up! We have also been [...]

Elf-ing around!

Today we have been creating our Christmas display! We have been painting, sticking and cutting. See if you can spot the Stepping Stones elves! [categories,whole school, Stepping stones]

Our Pyjama Day…

If only every family could be cozy and comfortable, tucked up with the kids sharing stories.  A lovely day raising funds for NDADA helping them to buy things like children's pyjamas for local families in [...]

Crib Service…

Apparently, singing 'Midnight' went down quite well (I never think it's loud enough, even though I'm right in front of them!) but we had lots of positive comments that made me quite proud. Well done [...]

So what are vertices? Ask someone in class 2😀

In class 2 we spent this morning learning all about 3d shapes and trying to use tricky vocabulary such as vertices, faces and edges to describe the similarities and differences. We found out that a [...]

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