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What’s on w/e 21.09.18

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Cross Country – The ND Gliddon & Squire League

Would your Class 3 or 4 child be interested in taking part in 6 cross country runs over the next 6 months? Read on for details and get yourself sign up for this school-funded competition. [...]

Broad range of skills…

The life of a small school Headteacher! I thought I'd share this morning's randomness... From delivering tea around school, unblocking the drain this morning that could have caused our younger children to walk through curtain [...]

Volleyball Club…

Bright and certainly breezy this morning for our KS2 Volleyballers. Warm up on the playground, passing skills between partners and high over the net, and I left them learning the exciting dig with Denise Austin. [...]

All things autumn…

Well, it's almost the end of our first full week back at Stepping Stones after the summer break and it has been, by no means, a dull one. We decided to ease ourselves in gently [...]

What’s on w/e 14.09.18

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Sean’s Day tomorrow…

Don't forget it's Sean's Day tomorrow; Friday 14th. It would be lovely to break the £100 mark but with over 100 children, that should be easy. We'll let you know how we do in the [...]

Year 1 – Growth Mindset

This afternoon the year 1s have been learning about how to have a growth mindset! We talked about some of the things we find tricky with our learning and how it is ok to put [...]

150 pledges…

It's our 150th year and we've got some pledges from children pinned to the board in the school entrance, promising to raise funds for the school through well deserved sponsorships. We've seen some really challenging [...]

Georgeham School Values-represented in art form

After seeing Manchester's #BeeInspired trail during the summer that represented the values of Manchester, Miss Summerville decided to do something similar with class 4 on Friday and ask them to represent the values of our [...]

We’re Going on a Seed Hunt!

Today Class 2 went on a seed hunt all around the school as part of our Science lesson and Topic. We're going on a seed hunt, What a beautiful day, We're so curious.... [...]

Our new Values…

We introduced our new School Values to the children this week.  We finally arrived with the wording of our 'motto' / 'strapline' and the set of six values after many discussions with children, staff, Governors [...]

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