You Wouldn’t Want to be a Roman Gladiator is based on the Horrible Histories book of the same name. As with all of the titles in this series, the site gives the gory details of the Roman period and children learn what it was like to be conquored by the Romans as they follow the life of a gladiator and wait to discover their fate….



BBC History Romans
Time lines, activities and 3D animations and easy to access, interesting information make this an excellent site for pupils.

Channel 4 learning
Channel 4’s learning zone site for children with activities for home and quizzes about the Romans as well as worksheets and an image bank.

The Romans
A good general site on the Romans and how their empire grew.

The Romans Baths
A great site aimed at children all about the Roman baths, and how they were used.

 Birmingham Museum Romans
Fantastic site with lots of information and an interactive timeline.
Woodlands Site
Easy to follow site with lots of information on the Romans, written for children.
Roman Gladiators
You wouldn’t want to be a Roman Gladiator!!!! A gory site aimed at children all about the life and problems of a Roman Gladiator

Boudicca’s Revolt
A children’s site with the story from the point of view of different characters.

Build a Celt House
Build your own round house, shows how the Celt roundhouses were constructed.
BBC History Celts
Another fantastic BBC site all about the Celts and Britain’s Iron Age.
Roman Sandy
A site that allows children to solve the mystery and follow the progress of a dig at Sandy discovering Roman artefacts.
Roman artefacts
A selection of Roman artefacts with quality images and detailed information about what they would have been used for in Roman times.

Museum of London – Londinium
A great game where you find out about Roman life by identifying different Roman objects that fall off a wagon and have to put them in their correct shop in Loninium.