(Fake) SATs…

Whilst Year 6 had their final 'Fake-SATs' paper this morning, I had year 5 and went through some of the more tricky questions from yesterday's maths paper. This question actually started from a cubed number question where drawings make this a bit easier. Although, you've got to draw a cube, which is harder than you think! Here's one of the [...]

Sunny days at Preschool

Releasing the butterflies!

  On Tuesday we had the excitement of 2 butterflies emerging from their chrysalis! On Wednesday, we noticed that another two chrysalides had gotten darker, which meant the next two butterflies were getting ready! By Thursday morning we had four butterflies, we fed them bits of orange. Today we took them outside to release them! Three of the [...]

Newsletter … week-ending 18th June 2021 … issue 503

Class Stars :-) Our Early Years… Holly Betteridge Class 2… Jessica Betteridge Class 3… Libby Hardiman Class 4… Arthur, Elfini, Elsie, Esme, Eva, Kitty, Martha, Mohammad, Tess, Thea and Theo Staff Shout-Out… Martina  ...and a link to our Celebration Assembly too! For those who haven’t spotted a slight change in our Celebration Assemblies over the past couple of months, we’ve [...]

Parent Governor & Clerk to Governor POSITIONS AVAILABLE

Could you be our next Parent Governor or Clerk to Governors? You may be aware that we are currently seeking to recruit two positions at the school: -          A voluntary Parent Governor to join our governing board -          A paid, part time Clerk to Governors to administer the work of the governors [...]


What’s on our school’s wish-list and how can you help?  [link]  So when Santa offers to make a special case for your school (out of his usual wintry seasonable months), you need to get busy and take him up on his kind offer!  If your hard-earned cash has been burning a hole in your pocket over the last year, deprived [...]

Busy week in Pre School


Newsletter … week-ending 11th June 2021 … issue 502

Class Stars :-) Our Early Years… Oakley Holmes Class 2… Violet Rampe Class 3… Isla Barrow Class 4… Arthur Dallimore-Wright  ...and a link to our Celebration Assembly! A huge thank you goes to our brilliant and helpful football coaching team of  Julian, Mat, Tony and Matthew for giving up their time every week for football training.  It’s coming close to [...]

Moving the chrysalides!

We learnt a new word yesterday - 'chrysalides' - which means more than one chrysalis! It's a bit tricky to say...(even Miss Smale keeps getting it wrong!!) We moved the chrysalides out of the cup (which was mostly caterpillar poo by this point). It was a bit scary because they are so delicate and we had to make sure we [...]

Wave of Hope

We received many, brilliantly and very uniquely crafted handprints in to school earlier this week. Thanks to everyone who sent them in... below, is a gallery of photos of them! These will come together with other school children's handprints from the Braunton Learning Cooperative Trust, and will be on display on Friday, on the Tarka Trail, timed for the start [...]