Spotlighted Site

NRICH problem solving is a great site by the NRICH maths team designed to improve children’s ability to THINK in maths. Each month there is a range of challenging and fun problems and puzzles for every age and ability and children are invited to send in their solutions – the best get featured on the site!


Nrich Problem Solving
Excellent site by the nrich maths team with hundreds of maths investigations and problems split into KS and given a star rating for difficulty. Each month a range of problems are set and children are invited to send in their solutions, the best are then featured on the site.

Cool Maths Games
Hundreds of great maths games….

Maths playground
Great maths site with loads of really good games organised into sections… quite a few of the games we’ve put into key skills are from here.

Count On
Great maths site with a range of games (who wants to be a mathonaire is great fun) and an explore section with problem solving activities. The News link goes to an interesting newspaper section called ‘the Sum’ with maths news from around the world.

Maths is fun
An excellent site if you want a clear and easy to understand explanation of anything mathematical e.g. prime and composite numbers, factorization etc etc (I’ve used it loads!!!). It’s also got a really good games section.

Fun Brain Maths Arcade
Good maths games site. You have to log in but it is free to join.

Maths Sphere
Site with maths puzzles like sudoku, pentominoes, magic squares, cross numbers and tangrams.

Cyber Kidz – Maths
Maths games split into topics and ages from 5-11yrs.

Maths games online
Maths games split into topics, there are quite a few ads on this site but it has good games and most of the links are up to date.

BBC Bitesize
BBC revision site for KS2 split into number, shape and space, and data handling with activities, tips and quizzes on each topic.

Oxford owl maths page
Publisher’s site with a good range of games and some activities to improve your maths skills, split into age groups.

Maths zone
Maths site with games that you can search by topic. Each game is rated by the users which is handy.

Top marks
Maths site with a great range of games and activities that you can search by age. There is a good explanation of each game which helps you choose.

Every School
Site with a massive selection of links to maths games and activities that you can search by age or topic.

 Murderous Maths
An interesting site based on the books of the same name. Lots of puzzles and games as well as tricks to stun and amaze your friends with!

The Maths Factor
This is a Carol Vorderman site that you can subscribe to but there is also a page of free maths games split into different age groups..

Several parents have recommended this site as a real help if you are looking for some fun but helpful maths for your child to be doing regularly. You do have to subscribe but there is a free trial period to have a go before committing.


Can you make a bigger number?
KS1 &2 Number game where you play the computer to put the digits in a HTU number to make the highest value.

Place value basketball
KS1 Simple but effective game where you have to decide what number the dienes are showing. Good for giving a visual picture of place value. Can be set for numbers from 0-20 right up to 0-1000. There is also an app version available.

Who wants to be a hundredaire?
KS2 place value game that gets into decimals and millions with the harder questions.


Numberbonds to 10
KS1 & 2 A line of numbered balls is rolling its way towards a hole, and your job is to stop it. You do this by firing your own spheres to make number bonds of 10 and watch them disappear. VERY addictive.

Numberbonds to 10 grid
KS1 & 2 Possibly even more addictive!! On a hundred square you have to match pairs on numbers to clear them but the path between them can’t have more than 2 turns. I spent ages trying (and failing) to do the one with bonds to 20!

Save the whale
KS1 Simple number bonds to 10 game where you select the right length of pipe to free the whale. Good visual representation of the bonds  (though it could get a bit irritating to listen to after a while!).

Hit the button
KS1 Simple but effective game where you hit the button with the correct answer. Can be used for number bonds, doubles and tables facts. There is also an app version available.

Can you make a dollar?
KS2 number bonds game where you are finding as many ways as possible to make 100 with the coins you are given – not as easy as it sounds!

Number bonds picture
KS1 number bonds game where you answer the question by putting the piece of picture on the correct number bond to 100 (or what you have set it on) and create a whole picture.


Times tables fingers game
KS1 & 2 This page has some good tips and advice for parents about practising tables, there’s also games for each table and some worksheets. The first video (called fun games) explains a really great tables game that you can play anytime anywhere as you just need your fingers!

Multiplication balloon game
KS 1 & 2 Use the menu to select maths , then age 7, and the 2 multiplication games are fun and very addictive. Find the right balloon in all the numbers bobbing around and pop 10 before they disappear! Has the option to do 2,5 and 10s or 3,4,6,7,8 and 9s, or if you go into the next year group there is all tables together.

Multiplication square 4 in a row
KS2 Fun game where you play the computer and you have to use your knowledge of tables facts to score 4-in-a-row. It took me a while to realise you can only move 1 of the arrows each time (!) but after that is is quite addictive.
KS1 & 2 Lots of different games all to help with multiplication and learning your tables…