Who Are the School’s Governors?

We have up to 11 governors representing different stakeholders in the school and the community.  We always look to have 4 parent governors, one of the teaching team, the Head, a governor chosen by the Local Authority, a governor from within the wider community and two Foundation governors representing the spiritual ethos of the school.  The best governing boards are made up of people with varying skills sets and interests.  At Georgeham we all have a specific responsibility (for which no prior experience is needed) and sit on a committee focusing on either the Teaching and Learning aspects of the school or the Resources aspects of the school (such as finance, budgeting, personnel, buildings).  The table below lists our current governors, their roles and any vacancies on the governing body.  To learn more about their attendance at meetings and to see a full register of their business interests please see our Governors Register page. We have also listed our Associate Governors who are appointed to undertake specific roles for the Governing Body and report to the Committees but do not sit on the Full Governing Body.

We are always happy to answer any questions about school governance and our work, or to hear from individuals who may be interested in becoming school governors.  We can be contacted via the School Office or by email to: chairofgovernors@georgeham-primary.devon.sch.uk.

Name Office/Committee Lead Role Type Term of Office
Alison Smith Chair of Governors
Teaching & Learning Committee & Resources Committee
Parent/Community Link Governor






Reappointed 24/10/18 –  23/10/22

David Humpries

Chair of the Teaching & Learning Committee

Joint Vice Chair of FGB

School Improvement & Raising Achievement, Pupil Premium Local Authority Officer 25/7/17-23/7/21
David Morton

Chair of the Resources Committee

Joint Vice Chair of FGB

Member of the Pay Committee

School Structure and Collaboration Co-opted 10/6/19 – 9/6/23
Lorraine Upward

Teaching & Learning Committee

Early Years/KS1 Attainment and Curriculum Foundation 5/11/19 – 4/11/23
Emma Hill Teaching & Learning Committee  n/a Staff 2/10/17-1/10/21
Mike Newbon Resources Committee


Chair of the Pay Committee

Finance & rotation for Health & Safety


Deputy Governor for Safeguarding

Ex-officio During incumbancy
Gill Gething

Teaching & Learning Committee

SEN & Inclusion; Safeguarding/CPR Co-opted 16/9/19 – 15/9/23
Julian Thomas Teaching & Learning Committee & Resources Committee  n/a Head Teacher Appointed 1/9/2008
Tom Gould Clerk to Governors n/a Clerk  Appointed 11/7/2016
Grayson Fuller

Teaching and Learning Committee

Member of the Pay Committee

Curriculum Parent 19/10/18 – 18/10/22

Louise Shaddick

TBC TBC Parent

10/02/20 – 09/02/24

Vacancy     Parent  
Paul Trueman


Communications and Vision Associate 7/11/19 – 6/11/23
Judith Larrington


SIAMs Curriculum Associate 5/11/19 – 4/11/23

Rosemary Bonner


TBC Associate 28/09/20 – 27/09/24