Spotlighted Site

Graffiti Creator allows you to create your own graffiti. Choose a style then customise your graffiti art with loads of different details and shadowing etc.



A.Pintura – art detective
KS2 – Become a detective and identify the artist of a mystery painting. Teaches the concepts of composition, style and subject needed to solve the puzzle.

Explore paintings from the inside out
A game which explores a painting from the inside out. You ‘escape’ from the painting after answering ‘ Who? / What? / Where? / How? ‘ questions.

Metroplitain Museum of Art in US
Great museum site where you can hop in a time machine and explore art from different times and cultures.

Tate Kids’ site
Great kids’ site by the Tate with lots of ideas for Art activities and a gallery you can upload your work to.

NGA Kids’ Art Zone
The National Gallery of Art is filled with interactive art…tons of projects to try online, tons of great art for kids to discover.

MoMA Art Safari
Art safari or Destination Modern Art from the Museum of Modern Art in the US.



Mr Printables
A site with loads of very stylish free downloadable templates for wonderful craft projects and children’s learning resources.

Picasso Head
Create your own Picasso head and print out.

Jackson Pollock
Create your own Jackson Pollock splatter painting – click to change colour.

Art for Kids Hub
Art site with ‘How to draw….’ just about anything!

Mr Maker
KS1 BBC Art programme site with loads of craft activities and links to past shows.

Activity Village
Art and craft site with art activities for every occasion.

Artful Parent
Over 500 art and craft activities to choose from.

Daisy Yellow Art Journaling
Blog all about art journaling, with lots if ideas and top tips to get you started.

Red Ted Art
Lots of Art and Craft activities for all ages.

Tux Paint
Free paint software to download – great for kids.