In class 4 we have been trying to refresh our memories about the names and properties of each kind of triangle using storytelling and drama.

Holly and Grace performed these amusing stories to the class (with fantastic actions!!)

Equilateral Triangle (ET for short) works in a regular job, in regular office, in a regular town. He likes everything to be equal, he is actually quite dull! He has the same meal, in the same café, every lunchtime. Everything in his life is the same! Even his pizza has sides of equal length and equal angles!

Mr Isosceles Triangle works in IT, but he only works 2 days a week and both of these days are identical!

Scalene Triangle…. (STeve) finds it very hard to make friends as having three sides of different length and three angles of different size make it hard for him to stand up! So next time you see a triangle like STeve think about how hard it is for him to stand in your book or on your paper without falling over with his unequal sides and unequal angles!

The girls decided to bring each triangle to life to help tell their stories!

So, here’s your challenge…..

Can you think of any stories that will help people remember the names of the tricky shapes? If you can then post them on the blog!