PE Action Plan September 2016 – 2017         Becoming Outstanding (Year 4)

Key Area 1 Progress (quality of provision: teaching & learning)   51%

Target Key Action Cost Impact Who? When?
To feel fully informed, confident & supported with regard to providing outstanding provision & appropriate use of Sport Premium -use SSCo & work together with BLC to provide a wide range of activities for all ages

-keep updated with SGO

-AS to attend Primary Management meetings

-MT to attend PLT meetings

-be signed up to PEDPASS platform









-school will feel informed & supported in all areas of school sport provision

-access to advice when needed






Further develop confidence & competence to deliver high quality PE where all pupils make good to outstanding progress. -make sure staff aware of CPD opportunities:

MTA training

small-sided games


High quality PE delivered to all pupils.

Increased levels of progress, participation, health impacts & quality of PE delivered

As above






To improve dance provision. -to use TA knowledge & experience to model high quality dance teaching No cost -children inspired, up-skilling of staff, increased levels of progress & participation EW


To have 2 hours PE each week across key stages. -ensure 2 hours is planned, delivered & sustained; monitor No cost


 Progress, participation & activity levels will be consistently high MT/ All Ongoing
To continue to develop Young Leaders in Sport


-Volleysport Young Leaders course

-deliver ‘Young Leaders Award’ unit of work to Class 4

-organise rota for lunchtimes

central  pot -pupils able to organise activities

-growing independence, confidence, social skills & leadership qualities

As above



March 17

May 17



To improve differentiation in lesson planning Discuss how to achieve 3-way differentiation by using AFL sheets & Tops cards ideas. Time High quality teaching & learning, where all pupils can participate & achieve. MT/All Ongoing
Website updated to show how Sport Premium has been/will be spent (previous year & current years) -update website re: 2015/16 + costs & impact statement

-complete Action Plan 2016/17 & update website

School website will show relevant information MT/JB Nov


New Equipment


-make sure equipment available for curriculum PE & clubs

what do we need?  KS1 balls (ask staff)





Enough equipment to ensure maximum participation MT Ongoing



Key Area 2 Intervention (health outcomes)  43%

To use data to identify G&T, under-achievers & non-participators.


-send G&T to selection for academy & point to clubs



-audit children’s activity levels to find non-participators / under-achievers

– increased progress & challenge;  opportunities to experience new activities

-set up ‘lunchtime’ club to target inactive / under-achievers






Young Leaders

Sept 16




Nov 2016

Identify Pupil Premium pupils & make sure they are in-line with others – if not, run intervention group -identify FSM & ‘ever 6’ pupils; analyse in relation to others

-list to MTAs

Swimming / fun fit / lunchtimes

Time PP pupils achieving in-line with others or narrowing the gap

Check progress

MT Dec 2016
To embed Daily Physical Activity (DPA)


-to establish ‘a mile a day’ run for all children


No cost -increased fitness; no-one inactive; cut down risk of obesity; All March 2017




Key Area 3 Participation (competition)   6%

Try to develop extra-curricular provision across the community


-arrange competitions between local schools, possibly:

Football /Netball/Cricket/Tag




-more competitions MT


Other schools




Audit Healthy Active Lifestyles -audit pupils activity in Autumn & Summer term

-use club registers to help

Time -use information for intervention groups All Ongoing
SSCo/PLT to provide sporting provision to help with competition, health & participation for all ages -wide range of festivals & competitions

-School Games Organiser competition opportunities

-release PLT for tournaments/festivals

-ensure adequate TA cover for festivals/tournaments/trips










-adequate staffing for all events