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Plastic Praise from Texas!

A lovely message from British Freediver and world-record-setter, Tanya Streeter, about how proud, impressed and inspired she is by our actions over the past year in becoming a Single-Use Plastic Free School.Thanks for the message Tanya! We'll share it with the children in our celebration assembly and I'm sure they'll love seeing the snippet of you on the Plastics Ocean [...]

SATs Parents’ Evening…

We held an information evening for our Year 6 parents on Tuesday regarding the SATs (Standardised Assessment Tests) that are coming up in May. We don't make a big deal of the SATs and we really don't want to stress children out about this - and actually, there ISN'T anything to stress about (remember that) - but we also need [...]

“Divibilivisibility” & Boosters….

A lovely focused session this morning on divisibility with year 5. Are ALL even numbers that end with 0, 2, 4, 6 & 8, divisible by 4? ...(No. What about 6... or 42?) We also revised word classes and sentence structure. That adverb at the start has something missing; can you work it out? Lastly, we upgraded the sentence to [...]

Plastic Free… and on TV…

BBC and newspapers over the Christmas period, and this morning a small crew from ITV West Country came to speak to us... (showing either tonight or tomorrow night at 6pm.) Bob Cruwys and ITV cameraman, Roger, came and asked us what we'd done to become an accredited Single-Use Plastic Free School and why it was important.  Our Class 4 School [...]

Be Confident… To Be The One…

It's Anti-Bullying week.  Have a look at this video! In assembly this morning, we talked about being confident to be the one who does something about bullies! We briefly touched on what a bully is too of course. > Everyone can be mean or do something that hurts in some way - accidentally or by choice - but when this happens [...]


"Mr. Thomas.... we have a problem." 😂

Our 150th Celebration!

What a lovely afternoon's service! Class 4 started us off with a walk through from 1868.  What would they put in a Time Capsule back then?  We fast tracked back to the present day and opened up their Time Capsule only to start another in the present day... and again we zoomed to the school of the future where they [...]


Nine of our children attended the first of six workshops at Kingsacre School of the newly formed Teachers Rock YOUTH Choir. A couple of gospel numbers (after all, our Patron is Rev. Bazil Meade MBE from the London Community Gospel Choir) and then a little bit of Altogether Now by The Farm, playing about with two-part harmony. Six weeks later [...]

Broad range of skills…

The life of a small school Headteacher! I thought I'd share this morning's randomness... From delivering tea around school, unblocking the drain this morning that could have caused our younger children to walk through curtain of water, to an audit on the new GDPR regulations. And that's all before playtime. Quite broad and random sometimes!