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Young Leaders Afternoon

A huge well done to Class 4 for organising some great activities this afternoon for Classes 2 and 3. Everyone did brilliantly...and the sun shone!

5’s Boosters…

Homophones ("same sound"), grammar, speech and general errors were the order of our year 5 booster yesterday. We tried to get to the bottom of WHY it's like that, but also clever ways to REMEMBER it so we use them in our writing! There, they're and their are common mistakes, and so is your and you're. Of and off also [...]

Ambitious Swimming…

Some of our Class 3 & 4 children had an EXCELLENT morning at the Braunton Learning Community swimming gala today. 3rd place, amongst some very good, and also larger schools, is an excellent position to achieve! Everyone was really proud and the organisers mentioned that we were certainly punching above our small school size. Ambitious? Oh yes! What a success! [...]

Young Food Writer of The Year 2019

The Guild of Food Writers… Young Food Writer of The Year 2019 The Write It competition is back, with your chance to be crowned Young Food Writer of the Year 2019. Just write a story on the theme of ‘Food for Sharing’ for your chance to win lots of fabulous prizes and an invite to the Winners’ Lunch to meet [...]

Brynsworthy Trip

A big 'thank you' to Dennis and Lesley at Brynsworthy for the very interesting visit this morning. Hopefully, your child can impress you with some facts about recycling in North Devon!

Year 5’s Boosters…

"Boosters this morning," stated Mr Thomas, "is going to cover speech marks, otherwise known as inverted commas, and also percentages, decimals and fractions." "Ah great!" exclaimed the children. 🤣 Honest... they're loving it. Working hard and finding it a good way to explore and be open about their learning, in a smaller group than usual. Speech first: Our pretend speech [...]

Recycle Devon Workshops

Class 4 have had an excellent day with Sally from the Recycle Devon team. We fitted three workshops into the day: -Recycled Material Challenge -Marine Litter -Love Food Hate Waste Hopefully they've come home full of interesting information about the day .....and may even be asking about your recycling habits! Did you know: -that you can buy wooden toothbrushes? -that [...]

SATs Parents’ Evening…

We held an information evening for our Year 6 parents on Tuesday regarding the SATs (Standardised Assessment Tests) that are coming up in May. We don't make a big deal of the SATs and we really don't want to stress children out about this - and actually, there ISN'T anything to stress about (remember that) - but we also need [...]

“Divibilivisibility” & Boosters….

A lovely focused session this morning on divisibility with year 5. Are ALL even numbers that end with 0, 2, 4, 6 & 8, divisible by 4? ...(No. What about 6... or 42?) We also revised word classes and sentence structure. That adverb at the start has something missing; can you work it out? Lastly, we upgraded the sentence to [...]

Plastic Free… and on TV…

BBC and newspapers over the Christmas period, and this morning a small crew from ITV West Country came to speak to us... (showing either tonight or tomorrow night at 6pm.) Bob Cruwys and ITV cameraman, Roger, came and asked us what we'd done to become an accredited Single-Use Plastic Free School and why it was important.  Our Class 4 School [...]