Class 4

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Spotlights have started…!

We started off our year 6 spotlights amazingly well this week with Owen and Jonah's spotlights on Street Performance and Wild Camping. Spotlights are what the 'Show and Tells' develop into as our children grow and improve on their confidence and public speaking through the school.  This time, it's in front of the whole school, staff and some parents too.  [...]

Looking for inspiration for what to do on a wet weekend??

We've just updated the art and design page in our learning resources area, so take a look if you need a bit of inspiration for what to do on the next rainy day this half term!  

Class 3 & 4 Dance

This term classes 3 & 4 have been working on dance with Mrs Evans. On Wednesday we finished our unit by performing our dances to each other. Class 3 have been doing Ancient Egypt, and were working on dancing in unison and cannon for their performance...  Class 4 have been doing Vikings and were working on changing tempo from [...]

Science ‘Golden Time’

At the end of our 'materials' topic we had the chance to explore all of the materials we had been using this term in a hands on 'golden time' Everyone had great fun with magnets, electricity and forces K-nex kits. Have a a great half term everyone. 😀

Viking Day

Finishing the session with some drama. A great morning - the Vikings have been brought to life! Thank you Steve

Viking Day

Great costumes and real Scandinavian weather for our Viking workshop! We've looked at some Viking artefacts and met a warrior. We're now listening to some sagas, before moving on to some drama activities...

BLC Swimming Gala…

Class 3 and 4 had a great time at Ilfracombe pool this morning and were well on form cheering our swimmers in the lane we managed to blag - right in front of us. Lots of questions came at us adults, such as, "What stroke am I doing?", "Which lane am in?", "How many lengths?" and "Can I have my [...]

Our Dance project…

Class 3 & 4 have been dancing the past few weeks up at the village hall with local teacher, Rita Evans. The children have choreographed thier own short pieces based on their class topics; class 3's Egyptians and Class 4's Vikings. You may be able to see some Egyptian looking moves in the photos?!

Science in Class 4

As part of our 'materials' topic we spent the afternoon testing different brands of kitchen towels for absorbency, strength and value for money. It was busy (slightly loud😉) afternoon of great learning. 😀

Expanding sweets in Class 4 🍬🍬

Last week we found out that a Haribo sweet expands when it is left in water and it got us thinking about what else we could find out from this discovery. So this afternoon we investigated whether the amount or type of liquid effects how much a haribo expands. Ask someone in class 4 and they will tell you what [...]