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Year 5’s boosting…

Another booster session with year 5s this morning where we recapped how to do division by chunking it away. We started with 452 cubes and they were very quickly bored of repeatedly taking away 3... How about taking away 30, or 60 someone asked! 😁 Brilliant... how about a whole 300?! We also reviewed some of our writing and worked [...]

“Super 6’s” Golf…

It was cold, windy and even a bit wet at times, but the group who went to Saunton Golf Club this afternoon and took part in the Super 6's Competition had a brilliant time. We played in pairs around a smaller course of 6 holes; 3par each. If you had a perfect score (is there golf terminology for that?) then [...]

Plastic-Free Fraternity: a Great Global Community…

As part of their topic on Sustainability... Class 4 loved taking part with BBC's Live Lessons this afternoon.  They may not have mentioned the work we've been doing over the past couple of years, but we're proud that many, many other schools are following our footsteps in becoming Plastic Free.  The children loved seeing what others had done and really [...]

Georgeham X Country Runner’s Finish the Season in Style…

We had a lovely assembly this morning when some of the children came in wearing their Cross Country medals from the weekend! Here's a report! Georgeham's intrepid team of cross country runners took part in the Gliddon and Squire X Country League Finals at West Buckland School this weekend.  The event was rescheduled after snow earlier in the season and [...]

Climate Change Day…! (we were in school!)

It's "Climate Change Day"today, or whatever it's called.  What a great opportunity to talk to the children about climate change!  We've been doing lots of this already over the past few years and of course, more recently in becoming UK's 1st Plastic Free School.   We've been encouraged to stuff plastic into bottles, recycle lots and we've ALL applied and been [...]

Class 4 at the Eden Project

Class 4 had a fantastic two days at the Eden Project.  We did some excellent workshops: 'Plant Explorers' and 'Sustainability Sussed' and had a great 'Night in the Biome' Experience. Nick, our Eden teacher, was brilliant - he knew so much about all the plants and made our time there really interesting. Hopefully your children have told you all about [...]

Class 4 return ETA

The, "We've just left," text came through at 3.20, so Class 4 should be arriving at the village hall on time for 5.30pm. Apparently, they've all had a great time and some of them even got to sleep at a good time last night.  Some ;-)

Young Leaders Afternoon

A huge well done to Class 4 for organising some great activities this afternoon for Classes 2 and 3. Everyone did brilliantly...and the sun shone!

5’s Boosters…

Homophones ("same sound"), grammar, speech and general errors were the order of our year 5 booster yesterday. We tried to get to the bottom of WHY it's like that, but also clever ways to REMEMBER it so we use them in our writing! There, they're and their are common mistakes, and so is your and you're. Of and off also [...]

Ambitious Swimming…

Some of our Class 3 & 4 children had an EXCELLENT morning at the Braunton Learning Community swimming gala today. 3rd place, amongst some very good, and also larger schools, is an excellent position to achieve! Everyone was really proud and the organisers mentioned that we were certainly punching above our small school size. Ambitious? Oh yes! What a success! [...]