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Growing our own beanstalks!

Today we have started a science experiment called 'bean in a bag'. We each put a bean into a sealed bag with a piece of damp kitchen roll, we then hung our bags up around the class. Over the next few days, our beans should begin to grow! We have been wondering if there will be a magic bean...maybe we [...]

A giant in class one!

In class one we have been reading the story Jack and the Beanstalk. We found what looks like a giant's footprint in our classroom! We decided to measure it to see how big the foot was. We measured it to be 27 blocks long - and Emmie used a measuring tape and found it was 54cm! That's a very big [...]

Lunch time for the little ones!

After a tiring morning, playing lions in the sand pit (that's Isla) and princesses in the Wendy House, the children would have been hungry! Lunch today was ever so slightly early so that we could show our new Reception children how the lunch hall works and help them choose. ALL of them said please and thank you too, albeit very, [...]

What a wonderful 1st day in Class 1 – Welcome everyone!

A VERY BIG welcome to all the new children in Class 1 today. They were absolutely fantastic and really enjoyed their first morning. Miss Smale and Mrs Holbourn just know they are going to be a wonderful class and have already showed us their brilliant counting. Stickers and even a marble in the jar, were given out! We can't wait [...]

Welcome to Mrs Ivall and Miss Smale!

Welcome to both Karen Ivall and Emily Smale to our lovely school! You may have seen Mrs Ivall collecting Class 3 from the playground occasionally these past two weeks... but Miss Smale had her first afternoon with her class and children today in our school's 'Shift-Up Afternoon.' Shift-up afternoons give a great opportunity for our children to see and experience [...]

Farmer Pete visits Class 1 to sort out their 10 sheep!

Class 1 are getting very confident with their number bonds to 10 with the help of Farmer Pete! We performed our wonderful number bonds song to Stepping Stones with the help of Henry's Daddy Martin, who morphed into our very own Farmer Pete who kept losing his sheep! Thank you Martin for your bravery!!


We had so much fun at our first Construction Club yesterday! We discussed the themes that the children wanted to focus on over the year and they had AMAZING ideas!! Here are just a few of the great ideas for themes that they suggested:   People who help us - fire station, police station, doctors surgery, hospital, school   Things [...]

An Amazing, Aussie, Australian, Antipodean Adventure!!

​Classes 1 & 2 all took part in an Australian Day. We had a round-robin of activities such as Australian music, Aboriginal art, Australian slang literacy and building of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!Each child had their own favourite session, some loving being a kangaroo (including Mrs Turner), others preferring being an Architect!We remembered so many things that our visitors taught us [...]

More visitors to Classes 1 & 2 !

G'day! The 'ankle biters' in Classes 1 & 2 have been so lucky to have so many brilliant visitors coming in to talk to us about Australia. Isla from Class 4, tried to out-do her dad by continuing the Luhr tour of 'Down Under'! She did an absolutely amazing job with her prepared Powerpoint and table of Australian toys, information [...]

Christmas Wreaths

What a lovely morning we have had making wreaths for the church. The children got to cover their wreaths with pine, teasels, holly and ivy. Thanks so much to Rob and Josh from the National Trust for organising such a fun Christmas activity :-)