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Class 1 and 2 Pickwell Farm Trip

Classes 1 and 2 had a great morning out at Pickwell Barton. We walked over the back fields and met the farmer Andrew Cook and his son Peter, (both former pupils!) We saw the tiny barley crop with its roots and shoot coming from the seed. Walking across towards the farm we were rewarded with fantastic views towards Lundy overlooked [...]

Class 1 request

We are setting up an ‘Autumn’ area this week. Therefore, if anybody is braving the weather for a windy walk this weekend...we request any conkers, sticks, pine cones and dry leaves that you may find. Thanks! :-) Miss Smale

Our 150th Celebration!

What a lovely afternoon's service! Class 4 started us off with a walk through from 1868.  What would they put in a Time Capsule back then?  We fast tracked back to the present day and opened up their Time Capsule only to start another in the present day... and again we zoomed to the school of the future where they [...]

Handa’s Surprise! Fruit tasting :)

We've started learning the story 'Handa's Surprise'. We've been learning all about different exotic fruits and today we had a chance to try some! We had; passion fruit, kiwi, pink grapefruit, papaya, pomegranate and mango! We had some mixed you can tell from the pictures! We then voted for our favourite fruit. The most popular was mango. Nobody voted [...]

We’re going on a plant hunt!

We started our Science topic this afternoon - Plants! We started looking at 'wild plants' and tried to see how many we could name. We created a list of; dandelion, daisy, buttercup, clover, nettle, bramble, dog rose and ivy! We then got into pairs and searched the school grounds to see how many of our wild plants we could find! [...]

Year 1 – Growth Mindset

This afternoon the year 1s have been learning about how to have a growth mindset! We talked about some of the things we find tricky with our learning and how it is ok to put our hands up to ask for help! We made some posters to help us remember to; always try our best, keep trying even if I [...]

First day in class 1!

A lovely and busy morning in class 1 today. All of the children settled so well, we were very proud of them! We started with our 'First Day' selfie's...which we hope you liked! We had a tour around the school and came up with our own classroom rules. We then had a chance to have an explore of the classroom [...]

Biking Day… 🚴🚵🚴

Yet another successful bike riding day! ...Only a couple of grazed knees and chains fallen off, but altogether an amazingly good day! The Bideford Bunch got there in good time and enjoyed lunch on the beach at Instow. The Fremington Frenzy was a HUGE group but it really worked well this year with amazingly considerate children and helpful parents too. [...]

School Bike Day – In School!

We have had a fantastic day at school today! We started off learning the 'Bike Safety Boogie' ( and we made 'Bike Safety' posters, to help us remember how to stay safe when cycling. We then took to the playground on our bikes! We practised peddling in straight lines and whizzing around cones. We also played a game of relay [...]

Class 1 book return

Please can we ask for all reading books to be returned back to class this week, as some need to be sent back with our library collection. Thank you :)