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A trip to Sydney

A big thank you, from all of class 1 and 2, for sharing your holiday stories and photos! One of our Class 3 girls recently went on holiday to Sydney, Australia. To fit in with our topic, she offered to come and share her holiday with us! She spoke with confidence and taught us lots about Australia. We especially liked [...]

Mathematicians in class 1!

We have just come to the end of our 'addition and subtraction' unit in maths. We are so proud of the amazing work the children have been doing! Reception have been looking and lots of different ways they can add and take away. We've used beanbags and hoops, numicon, drawing dots and counting on fingers. We've been working hard on [...]

Class 1 and 2 peer reading session

This afternoon, Class 1 were invited to join Class 2 for a peer reading session! Class 2 had made storybooks for their own version of 'The Three Little Pigs'. They changed the animals within their stories to fit in with their Australian topic! We heard stories such as; The Three Little Koalas, and The Three Little Joey's. Year 2s read [...]

Class 1 snowball fight!

This morning we were so excited for our end of term Christmas treat! We had a giant snowball fight in the hall.Lots of fun! :)

It must be Christmas!

It's been so busy at school lately that it's been extremely hard to keep the school blog up to date, so here's a summary of the amazing things that have taken place over the past fortnight, with some galleries of photos spread through the post. Father Christmas and his Elves came to play football with us! National Trust [...]

Christmas Wreath Making!

Thank you so much to Josh and all of the National Trust team for coming in and showing us how to make Christmas Wreaths! Class 1 and 2 had a great time working together to make these lovely decorations!

Christmas Coffee Afternoon…

"Roll Up! Roll Up!  Come and get your 1/2 price... cheap... reduced... FREE, cakes / DVDs / Books / Lollipops!" What a lovely 'Coffee Afternoon' / Christmas Fair - it was like a mini Apprentice!  The children designed some great games, thought about the rules for how to play them, came up with some imperative verbs (STAND here, PICK UP the [...]

Weather presenters!

In Science we have been learning about the four different seasons. Today, we started looking at the weather. We talked about the different types of weather and the clothes we might wear because of it! We watched a short clip of today's weather forecast and talked about why we might need to know in advance. 'If you were having a [...]

Uh oh – Sammy!!

After a busy afternoon rehearsing in the village hall and getting back just in time for assembly...we forgot to give out Sammy! There was a bit of panic on the playground as we remembered 'I hope he isn't lonely!!' ☹️ No panic! He's warming up by the fire (with a new friend) followed by a well needed wash!! 😃 [...]

Making jam sandwiches in class one!

This week we started reading 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes'. In the story, Mr Wolf asks his neighbours (Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs...) to help him make some pancakes. They were all very rude and told Mr Wolf they didn't want to help him! So, we wrote letters to Mr Wolf telling him we were sorry that he didn't [...]