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ANZAC Bake Off in Classes 1 and 2

Classes One and Two had a great day making ANZAC Biscuits as part of our Australian Topic. These biscuits were originally sent out to the New Zealand and Australian troops in Gallipoli. They are really delicious and we hope you enjoy them at home!

Fire Safety Talk for Year 1 and 2

The Fire Brigade came to give a talk to Year 1 and 2 today. Your child should have a really good idea of what the service does and how to keep safe. Stop, drop and roll!

Making a didgeridoo!

We had so much fun learning about and making our own didgeridoo! We watched some videos of different people playing the didgeridoo and we each had a go on a real one. We used Aboriginal dot painting to decorate our didgeridoo, we worked carefully on different patterns and styles. We covered our cardboard tubes with brown paper and then used [...]

Investigating absorbent materials – Class 1

We've been looking at the different types of materials in Science. Today, we investigated which types of materials are absorbent and which are not. We talked about the types of materials we would use if we were going to mop up a spilled drink and which ones would not work. In our experiment we used; sponge, paper, cotton wool, plastic [...]

Measuring in class 1

This week we have started looking at different ways to measure length and height! We've done lots of different activities. We found out how tall our friends were using bricks; we put ourselves in order from shortest to longest and we used unifix cubes to measure different objects in the classroom! We even measured the giant didgeridoo - which was [...]

Class 1 and 2 Materials Workshop

Class 1 and 2 had an exciting morning learning about the properties of materials and how they can be recycled. Hopefully they have brought home a useful fridge magnet reminder for the whole family! In the afternoon they turned into mini beasts and learnt all about composting. We learnt the different types of food we can (and cannot) put into [...]

Potato Planting!

Our Potato Planting kit arrived two weeks ago. They've been sitting on the windowsill to 'chit' to make sure they are ready to grow! We've learnt about the different parts of a potato plant and how it grows. We've also come up with our own ideas for how to use our potatoes when they arrive; 'Potato stamping!' - Bodhi 'Jacket [...]

Reception Multi-Skills!

Reception had a great morning out for Multi-skills at Braunton Academy. We had a very exciting bus trip down with lots of 'I've never been on a school bus before!!' We took part in lots of different activities; hula hooping, skipping, bean bag throwing, long jump and lots more. 'I liked the beanbag one!' Said Yosua 'I liked all of [...]

A trip to Sydney

A big thank you, from all of class 1 and 2, for sharing your holiday stories and photos! One of our Class 3 girls recently went on holiday to Sydney, Australia. To fit in with our topic, she offered to come and share her holiday with us! She spoke with confidence and taught us lots about Australia. We especially liked [...]

Mathematicians in class 1!

We have just come to the end of our 'addition and subtraction' unit in maths. We are so proud of the amazing work the children have been doing! Reception have been looking and lots of different ways they can add and take away. We've used beanbags and hoops, numicon, drawing dots and counting on fingers. We've been working hard on [...]