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Georgeham to Exeter….on foot (sort of 😉)

Video clips and photos from though to the blog to see them 😀 The whole school came together to take part in the Sport Relief Step challenge. Stepping Stones children walked 2 laps of the running track, class 1 children walked 3 laps, class 2 walked 4 laps, class 3 walked 6 laps and class 4 walked 7 laps. [...]

Rain catchers!

To relate to our measurement unit in maths and our weather unit in Science, today we made rain catchers! We talked about capacity and looked at different ways we could measure how much liquid we have. We split into groups and made 5 rain catchers to plant in our outdoor area. We used a ruler to make marks on the [...]

Measuring in class 1!

Over the last two weeks we've been looking at measurement. Last week we were looking at the difference between height and length. We created a class height chart and compared each others height! We also used cubes to measure length and year 1s were using rulers to compare the length and width of different objects! Eli and Gil decided to [...]

Reception’s Multi-Skills festival

We had a great morning at the multi-skills festival! We did lots of different activities.'I really liked doing the balance on the bench!' - Arwen. 'I loved jumping!' - Harry 'My favourite was throwing the beanbag into the hoop' - Tilly We practiced our jumping and hopping, catching, throwing and aiming, jumping on two feet and using a skipping rope! [...]

Looking for inspiration for what to do on a wet weekend??

We've just updated the art and design page in our learning resources area, so take a look if you need a bit of inspiration for what to do on the next rainy day this half term!  

Aliens love underpants!

On Monday we started learning the story 'Aliens love underpants!' We loved it so much we decided we wanted to learn it off by heart. We added actions and created story-maps to help us. We have been working hard all week to remember the story and today we shared it with the rest of the school in assembly! Well done [...]

Learning our bonds to 10!

Today we have been looking at how many different ways we can share 10. We started with two hoops and 10 bean bags and explored the different ways we could show 10. We then worked in pairs with a tower of 10 cubes and everytime we took one away we would find the number bond. Year 1s have been using [...]

Jam sandwich making!

On Monday we had a letter from Winnie the Pooh arrive! He told us he was coming to visit and he would like some sandwiches. So, we have spent the week writing lists and instructions on how to make jam sandwiches. Today, we finally got to make them! We were very impressed with how well they remembered each step they [...]

Pictures from this week in Class One

In phonics this week we have been focusing on our formation and ensuring we are taking time with each letter that we write. After lots of practice, these are some lovely examples of our hard work! In music we have been looking at making different rhythms and counting the beats. After our music lesson today, three of our year 1s [...]

Phonics and Maths this week

This week we have been working hard on our phonics and maths. We have tried out a new game called 'Splat' which we love! We work in teams and Miss Smale reads a word from the board, the first person to splat it with the swatter wins a point for their team! This is helping us speed up our letter [...]