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Christmas Wreath Making!

Thank you so much to Josh and all of the National Trust team for coming in and showing us how to make Christmas Wreaths! Class 1 and 2 had a great time working together to make these lovely decorations!

Christmas Coffee Afternoon…

"Roll Up! Roll Up!  Come and get your 1/2 price... cheap... reduced... FREE, cakes / DVDs / Books / Lollipops!" What a lovely 'Coffee Afternoon' / Christmas Fair - it was like a mini Apprentice!  The children designed some great games, thought about the rules for how to play them, came up with some imperative verbs (STAND here, PICK UP the [...]

Weather presenters!

In Science we have been learning about the four different seasons. Today, we started looking at the weather. We talked about the different types of weather and the clothes we might wear because of it! We watched a short clip of today's weather forecast and talked about why we might need to know in advance. 'If you were having a [...]

Uh oh – Sammy!!

After a busy afternoon rehearsing in the village hall and getting back just in time for assembly...we forgot to give out Sammy! There was a bit of panic on the playground as we remembered 'I hope he isn't lonely!!' ☹️ No panic! He's warming up by the fire (with a new friend) followed by a well needed wash!! 😃 [...]

Making jam sandwiches in class one!

This week we started reading 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes'. In the story, Mr Wolf asks his neighbours (Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs...) to help him make some pancakes. They were all very rude and told Mr Wolf they didn't want to help him! So, we wrote letters to Mr Wolf telling him we were sorry that he didn't [...]

Class 1 and 2 at North Hole Farm.

It was worth waiting for our lovely sunny day we picked for our farm visit. We had such a lovely morning at this amazing dairy farm. The cows are milked by a robot and computer with no adults anywhere near. We learnt that the cows come down whenever they want and queue up on their own to be milked. The [...]

Class 1 learns firework safety

This afternoon class 1 learnt all about how to be safe on bonfire night! - Wear gloves when you hold a sparkler (Ned) - Stand back from fireworks so they don't hit you (Bea) - Don't go close to fireworks! (Jessica) - Don't touch the end of a sparkler! (Fin) - Put the sparkler in a bucket of water when [...]

This week in class 1

We have been working hard on our numbers this week! Reception have been looking at adding numbers together using objects and even moved onto partitioning numbers to 10. We looked at how many ways we could split a number up and we all had a go at writing the number sentence! Year 1s have been working hard on their number [...]

Class 1 and 2 Pickwell Farm Trip

Classes 1 and 2 had a great morning out at Pickwell Barton. We walked over the back fields and met the farmer Andrew Cook and his son Peter, (both former pupils!) We saw the tiny barley crop with its roots and shoot coming from the seed. Walking across towards the farm we were rewarded with fantastic views towards Lundy overlooked [...]

Class 1 request

We are setting up an ‘Autumn’ area this week. Therefore, if anybody is braving the weather for a windy walk this weekend...we request any conkers, sticks, pine cones and dry leaves that you may find. Thanks! :-) Miss Smale