Spotlighted Site

The BRITISH MUSEUM Ancient Egypt site has all the information on Gods, society, trade and buildings. It also uses artefacts to show how we found out what we know about the Ancient Egyptians, and each topic has a ‘story’ and ‘explore’ section….



The British Museum
Great site from The British Museum that gives information on Egyptian life, gods and goddesses, mummification, rulers, pyramids, temples, time, trade, and writing…

National Geographic Kids
Excellent site by the Kids National Geographic magazine that gives information on all aspects of Ancient Egypt as well as how to make a mummy and Tutankhamen….

Eyelid Egypt
Excellent site with an amazing amount of information on Ancient Egypt including the temples and Kings and Queens. Also has games and videos (not clear if it is aimed at children so video etc needs checking but the information is easy to understand)

Virtual Tour of the PyramidsLaunch the interactive ‘explore Ancient Egypt’ section. If you have QuickTimeinstalled, you can take a virtual tour of all the main sites and view incredible interactive images of the pyramids and more. Not aimed at children, but the best way to really see how amazing these ancient buildings are.

DK find out about Ancient Egypt
Fantastic site by the DK books publisher with an interactive map that tells you lots about all areas of Ancient Egypt and a great quiz to get you thinking.

Woodlands Junior
Woodlands Primary school site that gives plenty of information in an easy to read format, designed to help children with homework.

You wouldn’t want to be an Egyptian mummy
Based on the Horrible History books, children learn all about the mummification process.

BBC Ancient Egypt games
Link to BBC games on Ancient Egypt – build a pyramid and make a mummy! (click the ancient history link)

All about Ancient Egypt
Easy to navigate site with basic information on all areas of ancient Egypt from daily life and government to myths and religion -it does have lots of ads though.

Canadian Museum Egypt
A good site with information on Tutankhamun as well as their own Egyptian exhibits.

Simple Hieroglyphs
Very simple hieroglyphs explained for children.

Write your name in Hieroglyphs
More complicated hieroglyphs site, but this link takes you to a useful page where you can type in your name and it will turn it into hieroglyphs.

Manchester University – Egypt
Great site from the Children’s University of Manchester with information that is easy to follow and understand even for younger children.