There are many links on the Covid drop down menu, but here’s a quick snapshot of what a day could look like.

We strongly recommend that you commit to a sense of routine during any school closure and enable your child to complete the learning activities given; we all benefit from routine and structure and this can be particularly beneficial during unusual and concerning times such as these.  We acknowledge that many parents will be working at home but we are trying to plan learning activities that can be as independent as they can be, but also with some thought to the resources you may or may not have at home. 

A day with your child may look like this: 

Before 9am… wake up… Make your bed, eat breakfast, get dressed.

9 – 10am… Google Meets to say hello to the class and hear from your teacher.

9 – 10am… You may also want to do a ‘Wake and Shake’ before the activity you just heard about – some brilliant fresh air and a stretch!

10 – 12pm… Learning time… Making use of the Google Classroom assignments and any recordings that may be linked.

12 – 12.45… Lunchtime… Clear the table, help make lunch and help put away too.  🙂

12.45 – 1.15… Free time… Have a rest, play with some toys, go outside and have a run.

1.15 – 3.15… Learning Time… Google Classroom should have some links for topic work, but make sure you check your spellings and do some reading too.

3.15 – 4.30… You can play about with your afternoon timing, but it’s a good idea to get out of the house and do something else too.

4.30… Free play… Have a rest or play with some toys – make sure you tidy up though!