Spotlighted Site

Tudor Exploration  is a great interactive site from the National Maritime Museum that gives you detailed information on what it was like to be at sea in Tudor Times. There is also a great range of artefacts you can look at and learn about.



Very simple site about Henry VIII with a game where you put on his armour.

Channel 4 learning
Channel 4 children’s history site on the Tudor explorers with a quiz and FAQ’s secion as well as activities.

The London Museum – Target the Tudors
An interesting site from the London Museum where you find out from different Tudor characters about an aspect of Tudor life.

The Mary Rose
Website for The Mary Rose, Henry VIII’s famous flagship.

Brims Tudor History
A great site for 7-11 yr olds with loads of information and a ‘bits the usual books don’t tell you’ section!

V&A Tudors
Great V&A Tudors site with information of jousting, life, trade, religion and Henry VIII

History on the net – Tudors
Great site from the National Maritime Museum that looks at the Tudor explorers…

History on the net – Stuarts
School history site with information on all aspects of the Stuart period.

Tudor Exploration
Build your own round house, shows how the Celt roundhouses were constructed.

Nettlesworth Primary
Simple Primary school site with information on the Tudor Kings and Queens.

Royal Family Tree
A Tudor Royal family tree that also links to a Stuart family tree..

Tudor History
A comprehensive site covering all aspects of Tudor life, not really aimed at children but ideal for parents who want an overview of the period to help with homework..

Tudor Hackney
A great site from the National Archives with a virtual tour around a Tudor house and the story of it’s family told through video and pictures.