Spotlighted Site

The BBC History site game where you are given the task of planning a raid on a monastery in Scotland. You have to decide where to build your ship, what ship to build, when to sail. Will you succeed and return with gold and treasures to have your name  live on in sagas told about your bravery…?



BBC History Vikings
Great site from the BBC with a timeline as well as information on family life, beliefs, raids, trading and the famous Viking ships…

Channel 4 learning
Channel 4’s learning zone site for children with activities for home and quizzes about the Vikings as well as worksheets and an image bank.

BBC Vikings in Scotland
Good site by BBC Scotland with information about the Vikings in Scotland. You can look around a Viking long house and build your own Viking ship.

Woodlands Viking site
Site by Woodlands Junior School aimed specifically to help primary children with homework. Easy to follow information on who the Vikings were, why they invaded Britain, their clothes, houses and beliefs.

Jorvick Viking Centre
Part of the Jorvick Viking Centre in York’s site with information on who the Vikings were and what happened to them, as well as a timeline and Viking activities.

10 facts about the Vikings
From National Geographic Kids, as well as a link to a comic strip adventure on a Viking longboat.

101 facts about the Vikings!
From the Specialists, a group that do workshop visits for school.

Write your name in runes
Type in your name and see how it would have been written in runes.

Vikings – the North Atlantic Saga
This massive site from the Smithsonian National Museum is not aimed at children but is well worth a look as it offers a guided tour of their Viking exhibition with some amazing artefacts as well as a chance to go on a Viking voyage – (this site is vast and so not all content has been check for age suitability)

Vikings of Bjornstad
A site with information on a recreated viking settlement in Germany, but it has some great images of Viking artefacts which give an insight into Viking life.

Rosala Viking Centre
Informative site with a good section on Viking Gods as well as a picture gallery and information on houses and ships.