Spotlighted Site

The BBC VICTORIANS  is, like all the primary BBC history sites, easy to navigate with information on all the main topics such as the contrast between rich and poor, and life for Victorian children. There is also a great timeline and a time capsual game…..


BBC Children’s History
BBC history for children site gives lots of information on all aspects of Victorian Britain. A great site, easy to navigate.

Channel 4 learning
Channel 4’s learning zone site for children with activities for home and quizzes about the Victorians as well as worksheets and an image bank.

Victorian Britain
Excellent site from the National Archives looking at what Britain was like during the Victorian period.

Victorian Prisoner 4099
Another excellent site from the National Archives that looks at the life of a young victorian boy who is sent to Wandsworth prison for stealing 2 rabbits.

Woodlands Junior Site
Written specifically to support school projects this is a great site with lots of information on the Victorians all in easy to navigate sections.

Birmingham Museum
Site has a timeline and investigates a painting to see what it tells us about the Victorian period.

A Victorian SchoolSimple site giving information about what it was like at a Victorian school.

Life in Victorian Durham
Site for primary schools that looks at life in Durham during the Victorian period.

Walk through a Victorian House
Interesting site from the Geoffrye Museum where you take an interactive tour arounfd a Victorian House.

Queen Victoria
Official site for British Royalty with a detailed description of Queen Victoria and a link to extracts from her diary.

Easy to navigate site with details on all of the main areas of Victorian life. There are adverts and while easy for children to access is not aimed just at children.

Victorian Cook Book
Recipes from Victorian times with beef stew, victoria cake, applebatter pudding…and the not so tasty gruel!